Foot Orthotics

What are foot orthotics?

They are insoles that are designed specifically for you and will fit into most types of footwear.

What are the benefits of foot orthotics?

  • Alleviate pain in the foot ankle or leg
  • Maintain correct alignment of the foot and leg
  • Support the arch and heel
  • Improve balance and performance
  • Distribute pressure across the foot
  • Superior comfort

What to expect during your consultation

A thorough assessment is carried out to see if foot orthotics are appropriate for you. We have the ability to make foot orthotics specified to your requirements to help you with a wide variety of foot and lower limb biomechanical problems.

What to expect during your treatment

Using my expertise of anatomy and biomechanics, we assess and design the desired orthotic to help correct your foot and ankle alignment or leg length discrepancy. This is done by a variety of assessment techniques that may include foot positioning, leg length and gait analysis. The orthotic is then tailored to your specific needs and your gait will be analysed again whilst wearing the orthotic. Once the orthotic is correct for you and feels comfortable then the orthotic process is complete.